Terror and death in an abandoned town


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Grave is a horror adventure game where the player moves freely around an abandoned town, collecting the various objects that will move the (brief) story forward. You initially get just a flashlight, which you use to light the way, but you will soon find some audio files that tell you more about what is going on.

At the beginning of the adventure you wander around the village on a relatively quiet day, but the night time will be upon you. That's when you must make good use of the flashlight and the creatures, called 'strangers', will begin to appear on the scene.

Our hero has no way to defend himself against these creatures, so the only thing you can do is to turn and flee. And it is for this very reason that Grave is so terrifying. Additionally, the game has support for Oculus Rift, thanks to which you will achieve even greater levels of immersion.

Grave is a first person horror game that is genuinely terrifying. It also has some spectacular graphics that, thanks to their attention to detail, will leave you speechless on various occasions throughout the game.
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